Kay Elmsley Weeden

Bilingual Storyteller | Teaching Artist

"Stories that make tortillas dance"

Library Programs

Kay’s programs are intergenerational, great for children and adults. Emphasizing the importance of reading, she delights her audience with tales from books in the library and beyond. Because she also offers programming in both languages, her storytelling is a valuable outreach tool for libraries.

Summer Library Reading Program - Age appropriate stories and activities for SLRP or other events.

Hispanic Heritage Celebration – From September 15 to October 15, celebrate Hispanic patrons and their heritage with a program in both Spanish and English.

Day of the Children and the Book – Día de los Niños – April 30 every year. Founded by author Pat Mora, we observe the importance of all children and reading.

"This was a fast paced musical and cultural introduction to Spanish stories and rhythms. The kids loved it."
Carole R, Children’s librarian, Burlington Public Library, Burlington, WI


Storytelling??!? Hey, isn’t that just for kids??? Join Kay for a memorable program of personal stories, times gone by, humorous tales and more.

Telling to adults encourages them to loosen up, remember, and then tell their stories. Stories create stories… and more stories…

Remembering and telling stories helps adults deal with life’s challenges. As we listen to and tell the personal stories, myths and legends of the past, we learn how to face the many stages and passages our lives take. In Kay’s programs, she shares stories with other adults, reminding them of their own similar story. When you know someone’s story, you know them differently.

Stories should also be shared with adults for the sheer joy of it. Telling to adults can also be for the pure fun of hearing them laugh. In this day and age, we all need to lighten up a bit. Also, most of us love the fantasy of fairy and folktales, which are definitely not only for children. They take us to another time and place where magic was the norm. Stories for enjoyment will give us all a lift and the energy we need.

"Kay told us stories that reminded me of when I was young girl. Gosh, she made us laugh so much."
Freda Adashek, Laurel Oaks Retirement Community, Glendale, WI